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Adapting to a Pandemic – An Entrepreneurial View

How have you adapted during this pandemic? Where do you see yourself in a couple months? Have you had extra time for things you have shelved in the past?

This pandemic has taken a toll on everyone, some more than others. Whether it be financial, mentally, physically, or emotionally, it has been quite the ride. Being an extravert, I had to keep communication with people—multiple zoom calls, phone calls, WhatsApp video calls, etc. Became the new normal. The goal is to adapt; a large part of adapting is trial and error.

One negative which I had to change was my sleep pattern. I found myself waking up later on during the day. My thinking was, I have all day to do what I have to do, which was not good.

My friends would make fun of me because I would log off the PlayStation at a particular time, and my response would be, “Y'all don’t pay my bills” Lol…. I had to remember even though sometimes I had nowhere to be, I needed to wake up and be productive.

What have you learned about yourself during this pandemic? What grade would you give yourself in-terms of adapting? How much percentage of your day is Binge-watching or scrolling through social media? How much portion of your day is productivity? How do you define productivity?

I heard a quote the other day, it was

“Once you become fearless, you become limitless” - Nishant Patel.

How fearless are you right now? How fearless do you still need to become? The level of fearless you have to become should be aligned with your goals. You have to be ready to make changes/ adapt to meet those goals. Being fearless doesn’t only mean towards others; it also means to oneself…. How accountable are you to yourself? How realistic are you? How fearless are you to adapting?

“5-second window, in which you can move from idea to action, before your brain kicks into full gear, and sabotages any change of behaviour. Your brain is wired to stop you from doing things you are uncomfortable with, uncertain or scared of. It’s your job to learn how to move from those ideas that can change EVERYTHING into acting on them.” – Mel Robbins.

How fearless are you during those 5 Seconds? Are you pushing yourself to adapt?

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