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Thanksgiving – An Entrepreneurial View

As an Entrepreneur, we sometimes forget to reflect and give thanks. Our career paths are GO, GO, GO; it is easy to lose sight of the basics. I am sure anyone reading this is most likely a grateful person, and gives thanks to those around them. But have you given “thanks” to yourself? Now, I am not saying you or myself are the center of the universe, but we sometimes forget to pause and enjoy the moment as entrepreneurs. We become so focused and dedicated to those milestones; we fail to pad ourselves on the back here and there. Picture yourself driving a car, and all you always focus on is how much gas is in it. Often we forget about the basics like tire pressure, oil changes, filters etc. These things are essential to keep the ball moving. Do not forget once in a while, reflect, give thanks to those around you, and as well to yourself. It is also important to reward oneself, just how you would to a friend who did you a favour.

From a personal standpoint, I have learned to start finding that balance slowly. Balance, in my eyes, is the key to many things. You have to find a way to keep your “car” moving as efficiently as possible and as “healthy” as possible. Society has become very demanding for people who own businesses and entrepreneurs. Social Media, to taxes, to payroll, to merchandise, to marketing to YOU NAME IT. What is the balance between working hard enough on getting to your goal, but not too hard where you cause more damage than good? This is a question that requires self-reflection and sometimes even trial and error. While giving yourself “thanks” and reflecting on how you got there, what could have been done better? How can you grow even more?

“Life's a marathon, not a sprint.” - Phillip C.


How will you reach the end of the marathon? What is the perfect balance to make your “car” drive as far as possible? What do you need to change to make yourself more efficient? Are you giving thanks to yourself during the process?

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