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What services does the realtor (posting this) offer when listing you home? :D

What services does the realtor (posting this) offer when listing you home? :D

If you don’t hire the realtor (posting this), what should your realtor offer? ;)

Advertising Material – What type of material? (Both physical and digital advertising will be done for your property) Vouchers? Listing print outs? Door hanger ads for neighbors? Etc.

The first 10 seconds of a showing are crucial. Impressive advertising material is a nice touch near the entrance of the property or in the kitchen.

Broker Bay – 30,000 agents have access to this portal used by different brokerages. Agents receive updates regarding new listings on this portal and are sometimes even notified exclusively before these are listed to the public.

This is another great tool many agents are using nowadays.

CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) – A comparative market analysis (CMA) is an estimate of a home's value based on recently sold, similar properties in the immediate area. Real estate agents and brokers create CMA reports to help sellers set listing prices for their homes.

Will your agent go over CMA with you? Or will he just send you the comparable properties? (Attention to detail).

Full administrative Service – 24 Hour Office service (schedule appointments and respond to inquiries.)

What type of reputation does the agent’s office have? Call the office to test out the admin staff, see how they attend you.

Posted on – Most visited public real estate website in Canada.

Not as up to date as TREB, but a good tool for clients to search for properties. Ask your agent to keep you updated with TREB emails. These emails are sent to clients nightly as new listings come out into the market.

Posted on TREB (TORONTO REAL ESTATE BOARD) – The biggest Real Estate Board in Ontario, most GTA realtors are part of this board. Once posted on here, over 50,000 agents have access to your listing.

This is a paid service for agents to be part of. Agents use this portal to send clients listings, comparable properties, market analysis, etc.

Promotion within Office and other agents - Other agents within office get notified about your listing, and often advertise it as well.

Agents usually try to cooperate and work with agents from their office due to rapport and helping “co-workers”.

Professional Photos – Make sure your agent will be taking professional photos of your biggest asset. It deserves a great presentation. Listings without professional photos usually attract 20% less buyers than those that do.

Posting a listing without professional photos is like showing up to court in your pajamas.

Would you want your wedding photos off an old Nokia or a new Cannon?

Office Access – What type of access/presentation ability does your agent have?

When your agent has an offer presentation/to meet with you/to meet with possible buyer agents, what is the overall feel & look of their office?

Open house – Is your agent willing to give up a weekend to host possible buyers and show them your beautiful property? What is their strategy regarding the open house?

Open houses can be very effective if done right. Sometimes nosey neighbors will be some of the traffic in the house, but with some good, there is always some bad.

Overall Connections – How connected is your agent? As an agent our clients often turn to us for lawyers, stagers, renovation companies etc.

Does your agent have a network of people to obtain other services at fair prices? Is your agent the PLUG?

REMAX Global Reach – All REMAX listings are posted on the REMAX website and are globally accessible to agents across the globe. 130,000 REMAX agents in 110 + countries world-wide. Talk about exposure, huh?

Social Media Outreach – What is your agent’s reach on social media? Don’t only look at the amount of “Friends or Followers”. What types, and how many interactions, does the agent have on their page?

Research your agent, look at where they pop up on google, and how their social media looks overall. Does your agent have a website?

Video Commercial – Personal video commercial where we will advertise your biggest asset to the best of our abilities.

Is your agent comfortable in front of the camera? Have they done videos before?

Website for your listing – REMAX agents receive the option to create a personal website for all listings, showcasing pictures and information.

Nice personal touch to have an online presence/look at your property.

Once posted on TREB/ REALTOR.CA, other offices will also post your listing to find buyers (not all offices though). It benefits them to find you a buyer to make the buyer agent commission.


Keep in mind realtors often take on a financial liability when listing your property before making money. There are many factors and things you should consider before choosing the right realtor for your property. Listings can be affected in many ways by many different factors. Have all your bases been covered as much as possible?


Cheap Services Cheap Results

Realtors have to spend money to get money

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